As the Pentagon and NATO move nuclear-capable strategic bombers, interceptor missile-equipped warships, NATO battlegroups, squadrons of warplanes in a permanent “air policing” mission operating from air bases in Estonia and Lithuania and other virtual acts of war in Belarus’ immediate neighborhood.

There are two significant developments here. The first is that in 2021 a reference to a third world war can be made and made with full justification. The second is that the reference can be made without anyone considering it a cause for alarm. It’s a legitimate question as to which development is the most dangerous.

March 11, 2021

“Wars have taken on a different nature these days, nobody is going to attack us in group alignments, like in 1941,” he stressed. “That would be too obvious, and would amount to a third world war, if that was the case. So, they seek to undermine us from within,” Lukashenko stressed, noting that Belarus had already seen something like that.