In last year’s invasion of tiny, virtually defenseless Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) by Azerbaijan, with its “one nation, two states” overlord Turkey guiding and supporting the genocidal onslaught – NATO powerhouse Turkey – over a third of the Nagorno-Karabakh population of approximately 145,000 was displaced and over 3,500 inhabitants have been confirmed dead (with three more bodies found just yesterday). For American readers that would be the equivalent of over 110 million American citizens being driven out of their country and over 8 million killed.

Far from NATO in any manner criticizing Turkey, the military bloc assigned command of its Very High Readiness Joint Task Force to Turkey on the first of the year as though to reward it for prosecuting its first proxy war on former Soviet territory.

In recent years, NATO sent six Patriot Advanced Capability-3 batteries to Turkey in 2012. NATO also has its Joint Command Southeast and Allied Air Component Command headquarters in Turkey. It moved its Allied Land Command to Turkey in 2012. In the same year it installed a Forward-Based X-Band Transportable anti-missile radar facility with a range of 2,900 miles. The U.S. maintains B61 nuclear bombs in Turkey under NATO’s nuclear sharing/burden sharing arrangement which mandates that the host country deliver the attack. Turkey called a NATO Article 4 consultation in 2015 to request the Alliance’s support for its role in Syria.

The treacherous role of the Russian government in collaborating with Turkey from the first day of the war until the current moment is one that, if it doesn’t receive the condemnation it so richly warrants in this world, has surely been registered by the recording angel of moral conscience. (As Russia is prepared to add sales of advanced warplanes to the S-400 anti-aircraft weapons it has provided Turkey, which has been waging wars and proxy wars in Syria, Libya and the Caucasus while threatening Greece and Cyprus, with Iran as a possible future target.)

NATO Secretary General claims that politics is immoral, and Turkey is a fighter against terrorism

“I think that we need to understand that Turkey is an important ally. Because you can just look at the map and then you see that Turkey is extremely important,” Stoltenberg said at an online event with California-based Stanford University.


Of course, politics is an immoral and dirty thing, but there is a limit to everything. Less than half a year has passed since the insolent aggression of Azerbaijan and Turkey against Artsakh and Armenia. A NATO member country, using NATO weapons, committed a brazen act of aggression. Meanwhile, Turkey openly used terrorists from the Middle East….Disregarding numerous facts about the direct involvement of militants of terrorist groups by Turkey, the NATO Secretary-General declares the role of Turkey in the fight against terrorism. As a next step, we offer Jens Stoltenberg to nominate Erdogan for the Nobel Peace Prize. Fortunately, one does not have to go far for an example – Mehriban Aliyeva, stamping her feet on a sign in Armenian, managed to become a ‘goodwill ambassador’ of UNESCO.