Today’s edition of RT contains an article with this enticing headline: Russia could be winner in WWIII ‘nightmare scenario’ by capturing northern Europe & blocking NATO counterattack – Swedish experts.

A veritable rash of features with similar or comparable themes has appeared on the Internet in recent days, all on the heels of the U.S. dispatching former Cold War nuclear bomber warhorse B-1 Lancers to Norway where one of them just drilled with Swedish and Norwegian warplanes under NATO auspices before landing for the first time one of its types has within the Arctic Circle.

The RT story included these paragraphs:

“An all-out war in northern Europe could see Russian troops cut off the Baltic nations, delaying NATO forces from coming to their aid and securing a hold on the region, a new analysis by Sweden’s Defense Research Agency claims.”

“A surprise attack that allowed Moscow’s armies to settle scores in the Baltic and link up with troops stationed in the Kaliningrad exclave would be essential, it continues, before American, British, and French long-range airstrikes could begin in earnest.”

But of course we’re to believe that all this is mere speculation, routine planning that is done for imaginary scenarios around the world – from Peru to Tonga to….Kaliningrad. Of course.

What is conspicuously, but intentionally, absent from the Swedish Defense Research Agency study, and the RT report thereof, is the role that nuclear weapons would play in a full-scale armed conflict between the U.S. and NATO on one hand and the U.S.’s fellow nuclear superpower Russia on the other. One might add the inevitable role that nuclear weapons will play in such an event.

The fact that these weapons are not alluded to is an indication that the Western public is being psychologically prepared for at the very least nuclear brinkmanship at a level far more dangerous than ever before – or worse, the genuine article, nuclear war.