All in a day’s work. The Iraq and Afghanistan war theaters pass from the hands of U.S. Central Command to NATO, as U.S. Africa Command turned over the more than seven-month air war against Libya to NATO a decade ago.

Part of what in the press release from which the following is excerpted is referred to as burden-sharing. The American B61 nuclear bombs based in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey, for example, are part of a NATO burden-sharing arrangement.

March 17, 2021

Statement by NSC Spokesperson Emily Horne on National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s Call with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

He expressed support for the Secretary General’s NATO 2030 initiative to continue adapting the Alliance to address systemic and transnational challenges, including cyber threats and climate change. Mr. Sullivan and the Secretary General also discussed NATO missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, and their shared concerns about Russia’s destabilizing activities.

The statement also mentioned that Sullivan “previewed” the meeting Secretary of State Tony Blinken will hold with Chinese government officials on March 18 and that he informed Stoltenberg that the U.S. “welcomed NATO’s work to strengthen its dialogue with Indo-Pacific partners.”

What is generally known as working in tandem – when it’s not called conspiring. You know, burden-sharing.