The Russian government’s news agency TASS today presents a summary of Russian news stories with the title Press review: Moscow keeps cool despite Biden’s antagonism.

The title is a reference to the latest blunt threat of punishment from the president of the world’s mightiest military power and leader of a global military alliance with thirty members and forty partners, twelve of which now border Russia, and by way of making it personal accusing the Russian head of state of being a killer.

But cool heads must prevail. This is how TASS puts it:

Vedomosti: Moscow not seeking to worsen relations after Biden’s snipe against Putin

According to experts interviewed by Vedomosti, Russia will not worsen bilateral relations, because neither Moscow nor Washington needs an escalation of tensions.

Russia will not worsen bilateral relations. That’s rich. As though it could. As though it could do anything that wouldn’t be grist to the mill of Western Russophobes. No, Moscow is flattering itself. Goethe once said that exaggerating our faults like exaggerating our virtues is a form of amour propre. The Putin regime is puffing itself up and indulging in grandiose pipe dreams if it believes that its words or actions, endearing or admonitory, are taken seriously in Washington or that – diplomatically at least – it has any leverage with the U.S. and its NATO allies. For public consumption Western elites portray Putin as some composite of Beelzebub, Genghis Khan and Joseph Stalin in a fit of distemper. Privately….

For almost twenty years the American political establishment and its servile news media camp followers, when not agitating for wars of aggression against defenseless nations around the world, have been accusing the Russian government, Russia as a nation and Russians themselves of scores of crimes and bestial traits not short of undermining and stealing an American presidential election and being inbred liars and manipulators.

Not long ago it was divulged that the then chief of the FBI’s counterespionage section, Peter Strzok, texted to another government official, his paramour, “Fuck the cheating motherfucking Russians…Bastards,” while former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in an interview spoke of “Russians, who typically, almost genetically, [are] driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor, whatever, which is a typical Russian technique.”

But Moscow was cool. Vladimir Putin and his long-term tag-team and musical presidency cohort Dmitry Medvedev have been consistently cool; have achieved the acme of coolness.

Another nation might have called the American ambassador stationed in their country to the foreign ministry and expelled him until his government learned to be civil. But not the Putin administration. They were cool.

Kiev 2014. Russia was cool.

The government of another country might have raised with its American counterpart the aforesaid military encirclement or its equivalent with the U.S. secretary of state and most assuredly sometime over the past twenty years introduced a resolution in the United Nations Security Council condemning the U.S. expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into a global expeditionary strike force. But not the Russian government. They were cool. No reason to “worsen bilateral relations,” especially with a nation that soon will be able to assault you militarily from several directions on and near your borders. It wouldn’t suit Russia’s interests to in any manner incite “an escalation of tensions” with such a valued partner, cherished colleague, esteemed fellow nuclear power.

The result of twenty years of staying cool