The Turkish-directed onslaught by the armed forces of Azerbaijan (population of 10 million) against minuscule Nagorno-Karabakh (145,000) was one of the most atrocious acts of military aggression in modern times. It was also a NATO proxy war in the former Soviet Union/Russia.

Baku: Multinational Turkic Council applauds Azerbaijani-Turkish war against Nagorno-Karabakh

NATO appoints Turkey to lead drive into the Middle East and Asia

Turkey, Ukraine press forward with plans for two-front anti-Russian proxy war

Foreign Ministry says large-scale Azerbaijani war games “don’t pose threat”

We are told that we are lacking in caution and reserve. No; when we foresee the massacres which in a few days will make the whole of Macedonia run with blood, when we cry aloud to those that have ears to hear, warning them that the shadow of the Turkish sword is still hanging over Armenia,  we are not lacking in wisdom or in prudence.  There is no prudence in hushing up murders or  denying their existence; no prudence in giving a  free hand to crime by maintaining an ignoble  silence. There is never any wisdom in cowardice. – Anatole France, 1903

I still feel most suspicious of the Talaat Pashas, the Kemals and the Envers who are apparently dreaming of setting up a Moslem state to include the Trans-Caspian region, Transcaucasia with Daghestan, Asia Minor and, it seems, Egypt. One feels this is so, and it stands to reason that Armenia and Georgia, a little country I know and dearly love, will inevitably be the first to suffer from this venture. Nor do I think Russia would gain anything from this pan-Turkish game. Of course, I’m no politician, but it sometimes seems to me that I have a healthy intuition, and that my organic disgust at the misfortunes of mankind, at human sufferings, makes me a good prophet or, more correctly, a prophet of evil. – Maxim Gorky to H.G. Wells, 1920

Trend News Agency
April 13, 2021

President Ilham Aliyev: We have created a new reality by shedding blood. Everyone should reckon with us today

Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev showing off the helmets of Nagorno-Karabakh defenders slain by his vastly superior army. As someone mentioned, why not display their skulls?

BAKU, Azerbaijan – We have created a new reality. We created it by shedding blood, showing courage, driving out the enemy. Today everyone should reckon with us and will reckon with us.

According to Trend , President Ilham Aliyev said this, in particular, at a meeting with the awarded servicemen after familiarization with the War Trophy Park.

“This ceremony is being held today. You probably know the reasons. First of all, it was necessary to make new military awards, there were none. Make their design, organize their production. It took some time. In addition, due to the pandemic, it was impossible to hold such ceremonies indoors, appropriate weather conditions were necessary. In addition, the War Booty Park was not yet ready. I wanted to meet with you on the opening day of the Park so that you will be presented with these high awards and you will become the first visitors to the Park. It took some time. But today this ceremony is being held. As Supreme Commander-in-Chief, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you. You have glorified our people, the Azerbaijanis of the world. Our Victory is not only the victory of our people, the entire Turkic world is proud of it. We have created a new reality. We created it by shedding blood, showing courage, driving out the enemy. Today everyone should reckon with us and will reckon with us.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan! Long live Azerbaijan! ” – said President Ilham Aliyev.