Washington’s ‘small clique’ politics exposed as China, Russia battle with US over ‘rules’, ‘multilateralism’ at UN


In its 240-plus years of existence, the US has been at war for all but 16 years. The US military budget for 2019 exceeded $716 billion, which is equal to the military spending of the next nine countries combined, said the expert [Lü Xiang, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing], describing US’ concerns of regional weaponization and territorial disputes hilarious.

China and Russia, which already share many common interests, will be the strongest proponents of multilateralism under the UN framework over the next decade as they grow closer under US’ arrogance and hegemonic mentality, the expert said.


…the so-called return to multilateralism by the US is only a kind of cliques politics that has not departed from the Cold War mentality. Apart from rallying allies to contain China and Russia, the US has failed to show leadership when it comes to the world’s issues – such as the pandemic, economic recovery and regional security – which has disappointed the rest of the world, including much of the West.