A millennium ago warriors met in the Black Forest and saluted dead comrades who were to travel over a rainbow bridge to reach Valhalla, the hall of the slain, in Asgard. But that was in the Dark Ages. Nous avons changé tout cela.

The iron fist is in place: Azerbaijan’s war. An historical parallel.

A patriotic event entitled “Those who conquered the summit of eternity” was held in Sheki

Every Azerbaijani citizen, every serviceman, led by Muzaffar Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, has great merits in the great victory of the Patriotic War, which began with the “Iron Fist” operation to liberate the historical lands of Azerbaijan occupied by the aggressor Armenia and restore the territorial integrity of our republic. The homeland never forgets these services. First of all, we are grateful to our martyrs, who wrote the epic of victory with their blood during the military operations, who rose to the peak of eternity, to our parents who brought them up, we are indebted to them.


Copies of the first book, the first edition of the multi-volume “Martyrs of the Patriotic War” were presented to the families of martyrs.

A 21st-century wall of skulls