Daily Sabah
July 23, 2021

‘Regular Russian troops stationed in Libya’

[T]here will be no future for freedom, democracy, or human rights “in regions where Putin maintains military bases, trades his veto power for influence and engages in media and electoral sabotage.”

Russia has been one of the biggest supporters of the putschist Gen Khalifa Haftar along with France, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who also backed Haftar’s offensive on the capital Tripoli in 2019.

Formed back in 2014 in Ukraine and owned by businessperson Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Wagner Group is intensely involved in several conflicts.

The group made its presence most pronounced in Syria and Libya, where Russia actively participated in the civil war and reportedly used the Wagner Group as its proxy in the region. Although Russia officially does not acknowledge any cooperation with the Wagner Group, the reports from the field prove otherwise.

The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) on July 24, 2020, accused Russia of “playing an unhelpful role in Libya by delivering supplies and equipment to the Wagner group.”