Turkey holds discussion with Azerbaijan to assume security of Kabul airport, Mustafa Shentop says

“The wave of migration is growing against the background of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan,” said the speaker of Turkish Grand National Assembly Mustafa Shentop at the first trilateral meeting of Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Pakistani speakers held in Milli Majlis, APA [Azeri Press Agency] reports.

M. Shentop said that Turkey is also conducting discussions with Azerbaijan to assume the security of Kabul airport for access to the world: “I wish the Taliban to refrain from achieving maximum results and the situation in Afghanistan to return to normal.”


Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan sign Baku Declaration

The parliaments of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan have signed the Baku Declaration on cooperation.

The Chairman of the Turkish Parliament Mustafa Shentop said that the Baku Declaration signed between Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan, will contribute to ensure regional security.

Addressing the trilateral meeting with his Azerbaijani and Pakistani counterparts in Baku, Sentop said that “the Baku Declaration, which will be signed following the meeting, will contribute to ensuring security in the region. This document will play an important role in terms of institutionalizing trilateral relations.”


The Chairman stressed the importance of friendship, and brotherhood among Turkey, Pakistan and Azerbaijan, by stating that the first meeting of the speakers of the parliaments of Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Turkey will be held in Baku on the initiative of Islamabad.


Shentop reminded that during the second Karabakh war, both Turkey and Pakistan politically and morally supported Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, the speaker expressed Pakistan’s satisfaction with Azerbaijan’s victory during the 44-day Karabakh war.


The Turkish and Pakistani delegations arrived in Azerbaijan on July 26 and are also expected to visit the country’s recently-liberated territories.