U.S.’ attempts to settle in Central Asia after leaving Afghanistan won’t do any good – Shoigu

“I can only say one thing here, and this would be properly and sanely logical: why are you leaving just to stop behind the fence and, metaphorically speaking, peep through the holes to see what’s going on there? Why leave then? To stay literally right on the border? The answer is absolutely obvious: this is an attempt to settle in in the Central Asia region. Certainly, having lost whatever could have been lost in Afghanistan,” Shoigu said.

It is hard to find “a good place” on the planet “where the U.S. has come and where it’s stayed for a long time with good consequences,” he said.

“Take, for instance, Syria, or take, for instance, Libya – is there anything good there? Everything is continuing there. Talking about Syria, the state is being shamelessly plundered, oil and other mineral resources are being shamelessly taken away from there. They’re being taken away unbeknownst to the Syrian state and without any benefit for it,” Shoigu said.


When non-regional players meddle in the game, “we have what we have,” Shoigu said. “I can cite a bunch of other examples, but I think this is enough,” he said.