NATO criticized for offensive build-up along Belarus’ borders

“Our country, being a link between the West and the East, got into the epicenter of civilizational confrontation. We are not laying it thick. We are just stating the fact: NATO has been methodically building its offensive military infrastructure along our borders,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

According to him, in addition to the multinational forces deployed in Eastern Europe, a new unit – the 18th Mechanized Division – is being established in Poland near Belarus. This division will be equipped with the American Abrams tanks of the latest version. Two battalions will stand literally 20km away from Brest. “As you can see, nothing changes. The beginning of the Great Patriotic War did not teach them anything. They forgot what the Brest Fortress is,” the head of state said.

“…Destabilization in the center of Europe will definitely be contagious, will cause a chain reaction and risk spreading to the East, the West, and the South,” the president emphasized.


Lukashenko says Belarus might host Russian troops if Union State endangered

Belarus itself can quickly mobilize “500,000” troops at the right moment, “apart from territorial personnel” (the Belarusian territorial defense forces) “and this is already considerable power,” the Belarusian president noted.

“If this is not enough, all the armed forces of the Russian Federation will be introduced here. If necessary, and we won’t hesitate,” he vowed.