Yeah, it sort of came to me like a revelation, an epiphany….

The Putinite Praetorian Guard is a bit slow in discerning – say twenty years late – that all NATO exercises, troops, armored vehicles, interceptor missiles, battle groups, cyber warfare centers, missile radar sites, warships, advanced combat aircraft, AWACS aircraft and so forth deployed along its border from the Arctic to the Caucasus – that’s how NATO defines its Eastern Flank – are expressly and exclusively targeting Russia. Including those war games like Agile Spirit with the participation of Azerbaijan, which Moscow celebrates as a strategic partner.

NATO’s Agile Spirit drills in Georgia causing concern in Moscow — diplomat

“We see that the number of NATO drills has actually increased in recent years and many of them have an anti-Russian bias. Considering NATO’s general military planning, which is increasingly being focused on warding off the so-called threat from the East, such drills cannot but cause our legitimate concern,” the senior Russian diplomat [Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko] said in response to the corresponding question.

“Naturally, we are closely following them [NATO’s Agile Spirit drills in Georgia] and will take all necessary measures, including military-technical efforts, to reliably protect our interests,” he pointed out.