Air-landing exercise with the participation of Georgian and American servicemen was held within the framework of Agile Spirit 2021

For the first time in the history of multinational exercises in Georgia, a demonstration exercise of a joint airborne component was held with the participation of the Georgian and American military. The exercise underscores the partnership between two countries – Georgia and the United States. In the framework of Agile Spirit 2021, airborne exercises were held at Vaziani Military Airfield with the joint participation of the Georgian Defense Forces, the US Army in Europe and Africa, and the US Air Force in Europe.


Hundreds of Ranger Special Operations Battalion (Western) Rangers of the Georgian Defense Forces Special Operations Battalion, members of the US Army 1-91 Cavalry Regiment 1-5 in Europe and Africa, and two of the 173rd Airborne Infantry Brigade participated in the Joint Rapid Reaction Force Exercise.

“Our forces are ready, they’re interoperable and they have the mobility to respond when needed.”