Biden-Zelensky meeting to determine dynamics of U.S.-Ukraine bilateral relations in coming years – Kuleba

“Everyone is determined to make this a very productive and very fundamental visit. And a meeting with President Biden. Therefore, we once again made sure that the United States is a truly strategic partner of Ukraine, we heard this repeatedly. We heard that the security and protection of Ukraine and supporting our sovereignty and territorial integrity is a foreign policy priority of the United States,” he [Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba] said.


“Everything speaks about something completely different. We have a unique situation, we have the first president in the history of the United States who knows what Ukraine is, understands what Ukraine is, and who does not need to lecture about Ukraine. And the fact that President Zelensky will be the second European leader after Angela Merkel to be invited to the White House, that in itself is a signal…,” Kuleba said.