From an August 16 feature on the website of the American Legion:

Sweden recently hosted – and contributed heavily to – Exercise Arctic Challenge. One of the largest air-power exercises in Europe, Arctic Challenge 21 brought together warplanes from the United States, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain for the full range of air-defense, close air support, air-defense suppression and air-to-ground strike training – all in the cold-weather environment of Sweden’s Arctic skies.

This is just the latest example of Sweden’s expanding contribution to international security and deepening partnership with the United States and the rest of NATO….


Sweden is not just hunkering down behind its icy borderlands. Ever since Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine, the Swedish military has been expanding cooperation with the United States and other NATO members.


In 2016, a package of B-2s and B-52s conducted simultaneous, nonstop flights from the continental United States to the North Sea, Baltic Sea, the North Pole, Alaska and the Pacific Ocean. Swedish fighter-jets participated in the exercise, dubbed “Polar Roar.”