Polish, Baltic PMs denounce ‘hybrid attack’ by Belarus amid border crisis

An ongoing migration crisis on the European Union’s border with Belarus “has been planned and systemically organized by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko,” the prime ministers of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have said in a joint statement.

The four leaders said Belarus was “using immigrants to destabilize neighbouring countries,” a tactic that they said “constitutes a clear breach of international law and qualifies as a hybrid attack” against Latvia, Lithuania and Poland “and thus against the entire European Union.” [And of course NATO being the inevitable implication.]


“We firmly believe that the protection of the European Union’s external border is not just the duty of individual member states but also the common responsibility of the EU,” they said.


“Weaponizing refugees and immigrants threatens the regional security of the European Union and constitutes a grave breach of human rights.” [The human rights casus belli again.]