A protest in Hasaka in condemnation of Turkish occupation’s crime of cutting off water

The civil, social, religious and official activities in Hasaka city have organized a demonstration at the President Square, denouncing the crime of cutting off water by the Turkish occupation and the violations committed by the US occupation and its militias.

The participants in the stand raised national flags and banners condemning the crime of cutting water to more than a million citizens in the province after stopping the work of Alouk water plant by the Turkish occupation, in addition to the practices and violations carried out by the US occupation forces and their mercenaries as well their theft of the province’s resources.

In a statement, the participants in the stand said that “in continuation of its criminal policy against the Syrian people, the heinous Turkish occupation continues to cut off drinking water to one million people in Hasaka province amidst an absolute international silence regarding this outrageous crime.”

The statement also noted….the occupation’s persistence in violating international law which prevents the use of water as a weapon….