To be recalled when the U.S. and NATO go to war to defend Georgia’s “national sovereignty.”

Internal audit trainings at the Ministry of Defense

Internal audit trainings have started at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. The event was opened by Lela Chikovani, First Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia, Rosaria Puglis , Director of the NATO Liaison Office, Mikheil Dundua, Deputy Minister of Finance, and Benedict Corellis , Coordinator of the NATO Integrity Program.

The event is initiated by the Ministry of Defense of Georgia….The trainings are carried out according to the reform defined by the Georgia-EU Association Agenda….

The internal audit training started as a result of fruitful cooperation between the Ministries of Defense of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Georgia, and is being held for the seventh time with the support of the NATO Liaison Office and the NATO Integrity (BI) Program and in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.