Defense officials discussed further development of the defense forces with the US side

The defense partnership between Georgia and the United States is becoming even stronger. The next new phase of cooperation with the main strategic partner envisages the continuation of the transformation of the Georgian Defense Forces and the sustainable institutional development. In order to discuss future cooperation issues, at the initiative of the US Department of Defense and with the support of the US Embassy in Georgia, a remote meeting was held with the US side at the US Department of Defense.

The Georgian side was represented by the Minister of Defense Juansher Burchuladze, his deputies and the leaders of the Defense Forces. From the American side, the meeting was attended by representatives of the US Department of Defense, European Command, National Guard, Defense and Security Cooperation Agency and the US Embassy….

…Emphasis was placed on the significant support of the United States in the development of the Defense Forces. The Minister welcomed the transition to a qualitatively new stage in defense cooperation with the United States and expressed readiness with the team to implement the joint plans in due time.