The former Republic of Macedonia was compelled to change its name to join NATO. As it was and will continue to be forced to transform its military, defense sector (being opened to foreign investment and control if not altogether eliminated in favor of “NATO interoperable” weaponry from more advanced NATO nations), internal security structures, the legal system, the judiciary, educational curriculum, etc. The final stage of NATO threatening to bomb the nation in 2001 for responding to the invasion of the nation by the so-called National Liberation Army of Ali Ahmeti (a founder of the Kosovo Liberation Army) from NATO-occupied Kosovo.

Ukraine interested in exchanging experience with North Macedonia on cooperation with NATO – Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has congratulated North Macedonia on the 30th anniversary of its independence and expressed interest in exchanging experience on deepening cooperation with NATO.


Ukraine should be renamed ‘Russia-1’ as means of ‘trolling of the highest order’ against Moscow, says famous journalist Gordon

Ukraine should be renamed ‘Russia-1’ to show its status as the birthplace of Russian society, leaving Moscow to be the capital of ‘Russia-2.’ That’s according to a famous Kiev-based journalist….

“We need to take the brand ‘Russians’ away from them. We could ensure that our war is correctly called the ‘Russian-Russian’ War. I would call us Rus-Ukraine. I would make a double name. We are working toward that.”