NATO Missions


NATO: AFRICOM’s Partner In Military Penetration Of Africa (2011)

Africa: Global NATO Seeks To Recruit 50 New Military Partners (2010)


Another…mission NATO continues to support is the African Union. NATO assists the AU in Somalia with air and sealift support, provides capacity building support and expert training support to the African Standby Force (ASF). The ASF is ready to deploy in Africa in times of crisis as part of the AU’s efforts to develop long-term peacekeeping capabilities.

NATO’s oldest on-going mission began in 1999 in Kosovo. NATO has been leading…through the Kosovo Force (KFOR). KFOR consists of around 3,500 Allied and partner troops and remains a strong presence today. KFOR was initially created to deter hostilities [and] remove the Kosovo Liberation Army [?].

Other missions NATO has supported are Resolute Support, (2015 – 2021), in Afghanistan and NATO Mission Iraq, launched in 2018.