Joint Support and Enabling Command declares Full Operational Capability

On 8th September 2021, Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) declared Full Operational Capability (FOC) and marked the occasion with a ceremony presided over by its Commander, Lieutenant General Jürgen Knappe. Distinguished guests included, Supreme Allied Commander Operations, General Tod Wolters, German State Secretary, Thomas Silberhorn, and Director General of the NATO International Military Staff, Lieutenant General Hans-Werner Wiermann.


Opening the ceremony, Lieutenant General Jürgen Knappe acknowledged the importance of this achievement. “Steadfast Defender 2021 was a vital milestone in the establishment of this operational-level NATO headquarters on its way to full readiness. I can state, that this exercise made us fit for the purpose we were designed for, which is to optimize the rapid deployment of NATO troops into, across and from Europe”.

By declaring FOC, JSEC is now ready to facilitate the enablement of Supreme Allied Commander Europe’s Area of Responsibility, by accelerating, coordinating, and safeguarding the movement of allied follow-on forces across European borders….

The Joint Support and Enabling Command is the second command to reach Full Operational Capability this year. Earlier this year, the Allied Joint Force Command Norfolk reached this milestone.