Juansher Burchuladze hosted a delegation of American congressmen

The Minister of Defense hosted the members of the US Congress delegation visiting Georgia at the Ministry of Defense. Juansher Burchuladze thanked the congressmen for their visit, unwavering support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and exemplary strategic partnership….

[T]he congressmen received detailed information on…the process of modernization of armaments and equipment in units, the successful completion of the defense readiness program, and joint exercises.

One of the topics of conversation with the American guests was the situation in the occupied regions, the security environment of the region and the Black Sea, and the threats posed by Russia.


During the visit, a delegation of US Congressmen visited the Maro Makashvili Military Servicemen Rehabilitation Center in Tserovani….

The congressmen represent various congressional committees and are co-sponsors of the “Support for Georgia” initiative initiated in the US House of Representatives .