Italian Air Force Deploys Eurofighter in Support of Enhanced Air Policing

Italy’s enduring commitment to NATO’s Air Policing mission is demonstrated by the deployment of the Eurofighters to take over the mission from the F-35s.

“…the presence of the Task Force Air-Estonia “Baltic Eagle II” is sending an unmistakable signal about the unwavering resolve of NATO Members to consider any threat to the integrity of the airspace of one Ally as a threat to the whole Alliance, in line with the content of Article 5,” he added.


The Italian Air Force has now deployed four consecutive fighter detachments in support of NATO’s Air Policing mission in the Baltic Sea region.

The handover from F-35 to Eurofighter shows the Allies ability to integrate different modern aircraft NATO [sic]…. For Allies and Partners in the Baltic Sea Region, the opportunity to cooperate with 4th and 5th generation aircraft provides vital training for aircrew and ground staff.