New naval base at Souda on the cards

With the discussions on the new Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) between Athens and Washington ongoing, Greek military sources [said] a second naval base will be created at Souda on Crete.

Greece’s most pressing request concerns the integration of the air and naval facilities on the island of Skyros, which the US Armed Forces will be able to use on rotating or a fixed basis.


Based on the existing provisions of the MDCA, the American armed forces have, apart from Souda, a rotating presence in a number of other locations, such as Stefanovikeio, the port of Alexandroupoli and Larissa Air Base.


For Athens, the possible addition of another location to the wider region of Eastern Macedonia or Thrace (Xanthi or Chrysoupoli airport, which was once considered a stopover for NATO UAVs) would always be welcome.