Zakharova makes comments to that effect on an almost weekly basis. NATO is a toothless and fangless paper tiger, an amusing, archaic relic of the Cold War, a bumbling, stumbling, mumbling gaggle of ineffectual and mutually antagonistic states and so forth. One that, a fact she conveniently ignores, has nevertheless somehow contrived to ring Russia in from the Arctic to the Caucasus with military bases, troops, armored vehicles, cyber warfare centers, anti-ballistic missile interceptors, warships of the Aegis Combat System variety, squadrons of fighter jets, B-1, B-2 and B-52 strategic long-range bombers and almost weekly multinational war games on Russia’s border and has incorporated every former non-Soviet member of the defunct Warsaw Pact and three former Soviet republics into the bargain. Not to worry. The Russian Foreign Ministry has a master plan for contending with the issue: adamantly deny it exists.
Her sage reflections include this choice specimen:
“The developments that are unfolding around Australia, a seemingly faraway land, what is happening there is not just interesting – though it is interesting indeed….”
To inform Ms Zakharova, Australia indeed is a faraway land if its location is measured in kilometers from Brussels. But not so distant that it hasn’t been a member of NATO’s Partners Across the Globe since the latter was established in 2012 and is one of the military bloc’s Enhanced Opportunities Partners as well as having been one of NATO’s main Troop Contributing Countries for the war in Afghanistan.
How much more expedient it is to pretend a threat to Russia’s very existence doesn’t exist than to do something about it.

Emergence of AUKUS shocked NATO more than potential adversaries, says Russian diplomat

“It came as a total surprise and a shock for NATO,” she pointed out. “It came as an absolute surprise not for those whom the US, Australia and the UK call their opponents and whom they are collaborating against, but for their allies and the military and political blocs that the US and the UK are part of,” Zakharova added.