With a butterfly net. Evidently recent U.S. participation in military exercises in Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Turkey, etc. are in accordance with the “spirit of Geneva,” as they certainly don’t factor into Peskov’s calculations.

New US sanctions would wipe out ‘spirit of Geneva’, Kremlin cautions
Dmitry Peskov noted that new sanctions would be a worst-case scenario for Russia-US relationship


Pax mundi: Putin embraces Biden, all’s right with the world


The adoption of new US sanctions against Russia would be the worst possible scenario for relations between the two countries. Moreover, it would wipe out “the spirit of Geneva,” Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday, commenting on the House of Representatives’ move to pass a defense policy bill that includes new restrictions against Moscow.


On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a defense policy bill for the next financial year, as well as a legislative initiative that suggests the Biden administration consider the possibility of sanctioning 35 Russian nationals, including members of the government, major entrepreneurs, public figures and journalists. Another initiative bans Americans from purchasing Russia’s newly issued government bonds not only on primary markets but on secondary markets as well in response to Russia’s alleged interference in US elections….


Anti-Russian sanctions recommended in U.S. draft defense budget economic blackmail – Russian senator

Russian Federation Council Deputy Speaker Konstantin Kosachyov has described the anti-Russian sanctions recommended in the U.S. draft defense budget as economic blackmail and nonsense.

“The U.S. Congress House of Representatives has approved the draft defense budget for the next financial year. What makes this interesting for us is that it contains the next batch of measures of economic blackmail (the standard purpose of similar unilateral sanctions) against Russia,” Kosachyov said on Facebook on Friday.

The inclusion of another state’s highest-ranking officials, including the prime minister and ministers, on such sanctions lists is “diplomatic mauvais ton,” he said.