Pakistan And Turkey Will Produce Anka Drones Together

Turkey’s premier arms producer Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) and Pakistan’s missile manufacturer and civilian R&D organization National Engineering & Scientific Commission (NESCOM) have signed an agreement to produce parts of the Turkish medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) Anka armed drone.


“This way, our UAVs will be strengthened. It is very important that we continue our historical brotherhood for the gains of both countries….In addition, we will develop production and especially technological developments together.”


Anka has a capacity to carry 200 kg of payload which can include a camera, an enemy identification system, a guided missile and the missile launcher.

It can maintain a flight at 30,000 feet for more than 24 hours and can be operated in both fully autonomous and remote control modes.


Anka drones have earned high-profile successes in battlefields in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan. They have been termed by experts to be a tactical game-changer.

Anka drone