Swedish troops killed and died in Afghanistan under NATO command. Swedish Gripen warplanes participated in NATO’s war against Libya.


Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has always shown a great interest for the Swedish Armed Forces.

At the Swedish Armed Forces’ survival school, the Crown Princess was received by Chief Major Jonas Månsson, who told about their activities. Major Månsson also awarded Crown Princess Victoria the new educational badge for survival instructors. The Crown Princess has previously trained as a survival instructor at the school.

After lunch, the Crown Princess visited the aviation unit where Major Nicklas Fredriksson explained their activities, and the Crown Princess was given a tour of the remote-controlled craft, also known as RPAS. Crown Princess Victoria was also offered a chance to help manoeuvre a remote-controlled craft under the supervision of a pilot.


In conclusion of the visit, Victoria visited the paratrooper squadron at the 32nd Intelligence Battalion….Finally, the Crown Princess test drove one of the parachute squadron’s six-wheelers on the terrain course.

Swedish Gripens in NATO’s Operation Unified Protector in 2011.