Any armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Iran would necessarily entail the participation of Azerbaijan’s Baku Declaration/Three Brothers strategic military allies, Turkey and Pakistan, both of whom also border Iran.
Turkey has been engaged in proxy wars with Iran in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, arguably also in Nagorno-Karabakh given the long-term alliance between Iran and Armenia; Pakistan is at loggerheads with Iran over Afghanistan and Persian-speaking Tajikistan.

Map from website of Robert Prince.

Iran says its embassy in Azerbaijan attacked

Iran announced on Friday that its embassy in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, was attacked, against the background of the emergence of differences between the two neighboring countries.

The Iranian “Fars” news agency quoted the Iranian ambassador to Baku, Abbas Mousavi, as saying: “A number of people attacked and abused the embassy headquarters on Thursday evening.”

Mousavi added that he lodged a strong protest in this regard to the Azerbaijani authorities.


Amirabdollahian: Tehran Cannot Tolerate “Israel’s” Presence Near its Borders

The Iranian army announced on Thursday that it will conduct “war games” near the border with Azerbaijan on Friday.

Iran’s Foreign Minister expressed to the new Azerbaijani ambassador that Iran is disappointed with Baku’s treatment of truck drivers after having arrested two. [In reference to the recently-concluded Three Brothers – 2021 war games held in Azerbaijan with the armed forces of that nation, Turkey and Pakistan.]

Amirabdollahian [said] that Tehran does not tolerate the activity of the Zionist entity against its national security and will take necessary actions in this regard.

Relations between Iran and Azerbaijan have been tense recently after arresting two truck drivers and the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev accused Iran of illegally sending trucks to Armenia.

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