Denmark has contributed to NATO operations and missions in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. It’s involvement in Bosnia included the largest Danish combat operation since 1864.


Prince Felix of Denmark, the second grandchild of Queen Margrethe, has chosen to stop his education at the Army’s Lieutenant Training

It means that Felix follows in the footsteps of his older brother, Prince Nikolai, who also began his military education and then interrupted it shortly afterwards.

Countess Alexandra, the mother of Prince Felix, has commented further on the decision: “Prince Felix has stopped in the military because it simply is not for him and that is why he has decided to stop now. Now the prince must have peace and quiet to figure out what to do next”.

This is the same military training that his older brother, Prince Nikolai, dropped out of after only two months in the camp….

…The fact that both Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai have broken royal tradition by not completing military education has led to discussion and now there is anticipation over what the prince’s path will be next.

Danish troops in Afghanistan.