From the Tehran Times. Key quotes in bold print.

In the latest sign of misplaced overconfidence, Azerbaijani officials have launched a barrage of criticism against Iran simply because it quietly and diplomatically protested an Azerbaijani decision to tax Iranian commercial trucks passing through an Azerbaijani road curve.

This overconfidence on the part of the Republic of Azerbaijan has largely led Iran to stage its largest military exercise in decades to make Baku understand that messing up with Iran’s national interests in the south Caucasus region has its price. The ground forces of Iran’s Army carried out one of their largest movements during a military drill meaningfully dubbed “the Conquerors of Khaybar” along Iran’s borders with Azerbaijan and Armenia.

…Several Iranian lawmakers reminded their Azeri counterparts that the “age of your small country is less than that of our youngest lawmaker.”

Mohammad Reza Ahmadi Sangari, an Iranian lawmaker, pointed out that leaders of Baku have been “illusioned” by their Karabakh victory which was achieved by “Turkish doping.”

During his Monday press briefing, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh was asked about the presence of Israel in Azerbaijan. He bluntly warned that Iran will not tolerate Israeli presence in any neighboring countries.


Tensions between Iran and Azerbaijan have many dimensions but Iran has mainly focused on the Israeli factor, one which it sees as the most dangerous element in the ever-changing politics of the region.


On the contrary, the leaders of Azerbaijan have boastfully spoken of their relations with Israel and praised them as being only “the tip of the iceberg.”