As Ukraine simmers, Victoria Nuland is now highest-ranking member of U.S. Foreign Service


Izvestia: Why Nuland was allowed to enter Russia and what to expect from talks
US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was removed from the Russian sanctions lists because of her official post in the Biden administration, a high-ranking source told the newspaper, noting that the diplomat was previously blacklisted when she worked for an NGO.


Essentially, this is the first working contact at this level after Joe Biden’s administration came to power, so such contacts usually cover a wide range of issues,” the diplomat said. President of the American University in Moscow Edward Lozansky concurs adding that the fact that Nuland was issued a visa indicates there is a need for serious dialogue. He explained that the agenda of the Putin-Biden summit in Geneva was far-reaching and now is the time to talk through these issues at the diplomatic level.

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