New Intermarium: Biden, NATO pledge support to NATO’s nine-nation Eastern Flank


The Minister of Defense of Georgia has opened the ” Intermarium Cyber ​​Security Forum 2021″.

In his speech, Juansher Burchuladze stressed the importance of cooperation with international partners in the field of cyber security against the background of existing cyber threats . According to him, further development of cyber security is one of the important priorities for the Ministry of Defense of Georgia.

The participants were addressed by the director of the Cyber Security Bureau, Luke Mgeladze, NATO-Georgia Substantial Package (SNGP) core group leader, Colonel Norbert Hess and NATO Cyber Defense Improvement Center, Colonel James Tarienma.


” Intermarium Cyber ​​Security Forum 2021″ is organized by the LEPL Cyber ​​Security Bureau of Georgia and the Ministry of Defense of Georgia within the framework of the NATO-Georgia Essential Package.

Photograph: Georgian Ministry of Defense