NATO Partners invited to discuss the upcoming Strategic Concept

On 14 October 2021, the NATO International Military Staff hosted Partner Nations for informal workshops to discuss a series of topics pertaining to NATO’s new Strategic Concept. This new format, to be held bi-annually, aims to improve the dialogue between NATO and Partners.

Chair of the NATO Military Committee Admiral Rob Bauer welcomed participants…he thanked the Director General of the International Military Staff, Lieutenant General Hans-Werner Wiermann for initiating this new forum and Major General Francesco Diella, Director of the Cooperative Security Division and his staff for leading the charge.


Major General Diella then invited Nations to break-out into smaller groups and join the topic-specific workshops. “We are organising these sessions to provide Partners [to discuss] NATO missions and operations”, added the Cooperative Security Director.

At the initiative of the NATO International Military Staff…this new meeting will be held bi-annually and provide an informal setting for a constr