How will Georgian defence agencies be funded in 2022?

In order to ensure the consistent and continuous development of the Georgian army, a higher defence budget has been outlined for the coming year.

The 10-year plan includes:

Purchase of an additional batch of Javelin anti-tank missiles from the United States in 2021

Start of production of small and large unmanned aerial vehicles on the base of Georgia’s State Military Scientific Technical Centre Delta in 2022 – negotiations underway to set up a joint venture with South African and Polish companies

Develop artillery capabilities intensively from 2024; plan includes the development of Georgian-made mortars, as well as the purchase of foreign-made artillery units

Enhance engineering capabilities in 2022-2027 in order to develop mobility and countermeasures

Complete renovation of the Vaziani, Senaki, Krtsanisi, Kutaisi, and Gori cadet corps and artillery bases