Crisis on Polish-Belarusian border to last longer than several months

The crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border will last longer than several months. This was stated by the head of the National Security Bureau of Poland Paweł Soloch, Polskie radio reports.


Polish government officials speak of a “barrier” or “lock” – they avoid the word “wall”. A budget of the equivalent of 366 million euros is planned for the project. The Polish border guards are supposed to supervise the construction.


Soloch noted that the construction of the fence is “a response to the aggression of another country.”

“We assume that this crisis will last for a long time. Therefore, there was support for the idea of strengthening the border. It should be frankly said that we are dealing with the aggression of another state against us. This is the aggression of the state, which is also backed by Russia. The situation at the border is very dangerous. The temporary fence, which was installed at the border, needs to be improved,” he said.