NATO Exercise STEADFAST JUPITER 2021 to address challenges of deterrence in all domains

“STEADFAST JUPITER 2021 is NATO’s largest and most challenging command post exercise this year. It is our capstone training to address the challenges of deterrence, from hybrid threats to real combat capabilities in a Major Joint Operation (MJO), where an operational-level joint headquarters and SHAPE’s engagement will test NATO’s responsiveness, command and control (C2) agility, and deterrence posture to strengthen our collective defence,” Major General Malinowski said.

Sponsored by SHAPE and directed by the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), Exercise STEADFAST JUPITER 2021 (STJU21) is designed to train and evaluate the NATO Response Force 2022 (NRF22) under the lead of Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS).

In addition to NRF22, Exercise STEADFAST JUPITER 2021 will provide vast training opportunities for SHAPE, theatre component commands (Allied Land Command, Allied Maritime Command, Allied Air Command, and NATO Military Cyber Operations Centre), as well as Multinational Corps Northeast, Multinational CIMIC Group, CBRN Joint Assessment Team, and the Norwegian Joint Headquarters, amongst others.

The exercise consists of all domain operations against a peer adversary based on a fictitious pre-Article 5 training scenario using a 360-degree approach, set in the High North region of Europe and the Baltic Sea Region.