NATO’s growing strike potential worsens Eastern Europe situation — Belarus defense chief

MOSCOW: NATO’s growing strike potential near the borders of the Russia-Belarus Union State and the elements of a hybrid war that Western countries are using against Minsk are consistently worsening the situation in the Eastern European region, Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said on Wednesday.

“Indeed, the situation remains tense and, unfortunately, tends to aggravate further. Aside from NATO’s efforts to build up its strike potential in Europe, some Western countries have switched to using elements of a hybrid war against our state,” Khrenin said.


As the Belarusian defense minister pointed out, “in these conditions, the international security and arms control system is being dismantled, which raises the level of distrust and whips up tension in the region.”


“A whole series of joint drills and training from the tactical to the strategic level has been held. Interaction in this area has been expanded both in the bilateral and multilateral format within the framework of the CSTO [Collective Security Treaty Organization], the CIS and the SCO [Shanghai Cooperation Organization],” Khrenin said.