NATO allies back Poland amid border crisis: deputy FM

[Polish Deputy Foreign Minister] Marcin Przydacz made the statement on Tuesday in Brussels, after a meeting of the alliance’s North Atlantic Council….

“I mentioned the infrastructure, but also the determination and perseverance of Polish officers, including border guards, police officers and soldiers,” Przydacz said.

According to Przydacz, all NATO members “absolutely understand” that the crisis is “a cynical ploy” by Belarus’s strongman leader Alexander Lukashenko, supported by the authorities in Moscow, and a tactic “designed to destabilise the eastern frontiers of NATO and the European Union.”

Moreover, “the allies were unanimous” in seeing the situation as “a threat to the security of our alliance as a whole,” Przydacz said.

Specifically, “we must step up pressure on Minsk, counter disinformation in the media, and work with our partners in North Africa and the Middle East to prevent Minsk from attracting more migrants [!] to be sent across the Polish border,” Przydacz also said….