Allied Fighters Escort U.S. Bombers

Allied fighters practised fighter to bomber communications and escort procedures with two US B-1 bombers flying from Fairford, UK to Incirlik, Turkey during counter maritime training in the Black Sea Region on October 19.

Allied fighters from Poland, Romania, and Canadian aircraft assigned to enhanced Air Policing in Romania escorted the bombers during their flight. The bombers executed simulated weapons training in the Black Sea region, allowing the aircrews to practice their weapon employment.

The ability to rapidly deploy strategic bombers across Allied territory is vital to maintaining our 24/7 readiness,” said General Jeff Harrigian, Commander Allied Air Command. “Integration with Allied fighters creates the necessary muscle memory for our aviators and permits NATO to project military power,” he added.


Before returning to Fairford, the bomber crews completed a hot pit refuel on Incirlik Air Base [in Turkey]….

Bomber Task Force missions are a routine peacetime measure designed to give US bomber aircraft and crews their crews experience of working in the European theatre and with partners from Allied nations.

Photo of B-1: NATO