Ukraine, U.S. accelerating defense cooperation – Ambassador Markarova

Cooperation between Ukraine and the United States in the field of security and defense is currently gaining pace, including through developing new areas of cooperation, while the Pentagon chief’s recent visit to Kyiv only confirms this push.

That’s according to Ukraine’s Ambassador to the USA, Oksana Markarova, who offered Ukrinform her exclusive comment[s].

“First of all, we are accelerating and developing to the maximum the areas of cooperation that has already been planned, starting with boats (which the United States is handing over to Ukraine – ed.), preparing and training the crews. But there will also be new elements of cooperation that we are discussing now…,” Markarova said.

She stressed that the plans for bilateral cooperation in the field of security and defense are very extensive, “but we will be able to reveal details once they are implemented.”


“This visit [of Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin] was very important, and we are glad that it took place shortly after the signing during our President’s visit to the United States of the Framework Agreement between our countries on the strategic foundations of defense partnership,” the ambassador said.

[O]ne of these priorities concerns the development of Ukraine’s naval capabilities and security in the Black Sea region. “This is important for us, this is important for the United States as our strategic partner, and in general the issue is extremely important for our entire region,” Markarova said.