Women, War and Insecurity would be more to the point. The result of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 of 2000, the purpose of the Women, Peace and Security global initiative is in theory to address the alleged disproportionate impact of war on females. In fact what Western nations have pushed in the intervening 21 years is the promotion of woman as heads of most armaments manufacturers, generals, admirals, defense chiefs, combat commanders, air force commanders and pilots (see photograph below), special operations forces, etc.

On the issue of women and war/peace, let me offer this instead: Women writers on peace and war


NATO releases new Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security

On Thursday (21 October 2021), NATO Defence Ministers endorsed NATO’s 2021-2025 Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (WPS).

The new Action Plan supports NATO Allied commitment, reaffirmed at the 2021 Brussels summit, to further advance gender equality and integrate gender perspectives in all that NATO does, across political, civilian and military structures, from policies and planning, training and education, to missions and operations.


The Action Plan guides the work of staff across the NATO enterprise as well as all NATO Allies as they implement the NATO policy. 25 of NATO’s partner nations have associated themselves to it.

Photograph accompanying the above NATO article