US Forces Prepare for Largest-Ever Military Landing in Greece

US forces are preparing for what is described as the largest-ever military landing in Greece, which is scheduled for November at Alexandroupolis.

A large number of helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), tanks, cannons, and artillery are expected to reach the Greek port near the border with Turkey in the weeks to come as part of an extensive military shipment that is of unprecedented scale.

The shipment, according to Greek media, will be part of a military drill that will take place in Romania, Bulgaria, the Balkans, and central Europe.

Great numbers of military vehicles and equipment will be delivered to the region, including helicopters of the Romeo, Sikorsky, and Chinook types, as well as M1 Abrams tanks as part of the shipment.


The US is investing in military installations at strategic locations, as in Alexandroupolis and on Crete….

Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to Greece, said while visiting: “It is proof of our strategic commitment to northern Greece and of Alexandroupolis’ role as a military logistics hub, an energy hub, a regional access hub and a transport hub.