Finland and Sweden: Valued Partners In Steadfast Jupiter 21

RAMSTEIN, Germany – Finnish and Swedish liaison officers have been working closely with Allied Air Command colleagues during exercise Steadfast Jupiter to strengthen vital relationships and cooperate on air operations planning.

…The enhanced communication and understanding of operations that Partners bring to the Alliance is well understood, and the benefits are significantly improved through Partner integration in NATO exercises.

“Sweden participates in a wide range of NATO exercises, training events and educational courses. The purpose is to reach a higher level of interoperability between NATO and Sweden. In Steadfast Jupiter 21, my team and I formed a CCD team at Allied Air Command. We are the link between the Swedish Air Force and the NATO Joint Force Air Component Commander. We assist leadership and staff officers in the planning and the execution of air operations. The benefit of this exercise has been to address all the frictions and questions that will be raised in a pre-article 5 operation,” said Lt Col Anders Segerby, Swedish CCD Group Lead.


For many years, Finnish and Swedish air forces have flown their jets alongside Allied aircraft during Allied Air Command’s exercises in the Baltic Sea Region, thereby enhancing regional cooperation and security and further building on common procedures. Both Partners are in a privileged partnership and have permanent liaison officers deployed to Allied Air Command.

Photo: NATO Allied Command Operations