No reaction from Paris, Berlin to Kiev’s threats of missile strike at Russia – diplomat

Berlin and Paris must provide their assessment of how Kiev’s threats of a missile strike at Russia influence the Normandy Four negotiations process, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Tuesday, adding that their lack of reaction raises questions.

“The behavior of our partners on the Normandy Four format – Berlin and Paris – raises questions,” the diplomat pointed out.

According to Zakharova, France and Germany do not react to Kiev’s open sabotage of the Minsk Agreements and “the recent degradation to threatening Russia openly.”

She noted that Kiev’s remarks regarding a missile strike at Russia and an initiation of a full-scale military operation “cannot but cause concern.


“Fanning of anti-Russian hysteria is beneficial for NATO member states, who, under the pretext of a nonexistent Russian threat, actively assimilate Ukraine militarily. According to various assessments, there are about ten NATO servicemen deployment sites in the country already. Two military facilities are under construction in Ochakovo and Ilyichevsk that will be able to receive NATO strategic bombers. This is how Ukraine is being gradually militarized, and NATO military infrastructure is being advanced closer to Russian borders, which will facilitate neither the stability in Ukraine, nor the peaceful settlement of the Donbass conflict,” the diplomat underscored.