Explosion follows Ukrainian drone attack on Donetsk oil terminal

Kiev forces have attempted to blast an oil terminal in the Kirosvskiy district of Donetsk, the DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] representative in the Contact Group’s security subgroup Alexey Nikonorov said.

“Ukrainian armed formation keep blatantly violating all active agreements by committing new provocations at the line of contact. Another terrorist attack took place this morning when a Ukrainian drone carrying an explosive device crashed into one of the oil tanks, but did not immediately detonate,” he said.


During the attempt to de-activate the improvised explosive device, it went off as its detonator was in the armed state, programmed for a certain time. No casualties and significant destruction have been reported.


On September 11, the same oil terminal was hit be an explosive object and caught fire. It was established later that the facility had been attacked by a Ukrainian drone that dropped an explosive device on to the roof of the tank field. The fire raged for several hours destroying 1,300 tons of fuel.


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