From NATO’s Allied Air Command.

Norwegian 4th and 5th Generation Fighters Intercept Russian Aircraft

F-16s and F-35s of the Royal Norwegian Air Force intercepted a large group of Russian bombers and fighters off the north coast of Norway, October 27.


The Norwegian Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) at Bodø with F-16 and Evenes with F-35 reacted to the Russian activity. A Norwegian P-3 Orion was already in the area during routine missions, and helped identify [a] Russian Mainstay.


“The F-35s stationed at Evenes are preparing for the takeover the northern QRA mission next year, live intercepts like these in the Finnmark area are just the training the crews need,” said Lieutenant Colonel Stine B. Gaasland, Communication Chief of Royal Norwegian Air Force. “The introduction of F-35s into the NATO Air Policing system is a step change for Alliance capabilities.”


This was the first live intercept for Norwegian F-35s near their own airspace.

NATO: Norwegian F-35s will be taking over QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) responsibility for the High North region from January 2022