Eastern Mediterranean 2021 drills hosted by Turkey starts

The Eastern Mediterranean 2021 drills hosted by Turkey and organized by the Turkish Naval Forces Command, started on Tuesday.


Some 35 vessels and 5,000 personnel from 10 countries are participating in the drill.

…it is aimed to observe the readiness of the Turkish Naval Task Force, which is planned to take on an important and respected task such as the Naval Component Command within the NATO Response Force (NRF) in 2023 and 2028.

“As national elements, 26 ships, maritime patrol aircraft, naval helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, amphibious marine infantry units and Underwater Attack and Underwater Defense task teams from the Naval Forces Command, attack and general purpose helicopters from the Land Forces Command, Tactical air support F-16 aircraft, Airborne Warning and Control (HIK) aircraft and transport aircraft, search and rescue teams from the Gendarmerie General Command, coast guard boats and search and rescue helicopters from the Coast Guard Command will participate in the operation,” Talayman said.


Moreover, 11 observers from Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Oman and Ukraine are participating in the exercise.